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Check out the list of FREE Gospel Tracts below. Let us know which 3 to 4 tracts you want mailed to you by pressing the "ORDER" link below. We do not provide bulk orders, however you may photo copy as many as you need. You may preview selected tracts by clicking "PREVIEW".

1) How I Received the Holy Ghost   Preview

2) Jesus Is Coming Again   Preview

3) Ye Must Be Born Again   Preview

4) Stir Up the Gift of God   Preview

5) The World's Most Dreaded Hour   Preview

6) What Is Salvation?   Preview

7) Stand Still in Jordan Preview

8) The Returned Father   Preview

9) Grieved Hearts   Preview

10) The Second Death      Preview

11) The Father and the Son   Preview

12) All Things   Preview

13) Cancer Conquered      Preview


15) How Shall They Preach Except They Be Sent?  Preview

16) Have Ye Received the Holy Ghost Since Ye Believed?  Preview

17) Patience  Preview

18) Alone With God  Preview

19)Tithes and Offerings  Preview

20) Prayer  Preview

21) The True Sabboth   Preview

22) The Besetting Sin   Preview

23) The Cry of the Righteous   Preview

24) What Will the harvst Be?   Preview

25) Marriage and Divorce   Preview

26) Taking the Name of the Lord in Vain   Preview

27) The Keys of the kingdom   Preview

28) Works   Preview

29) The Price of a Coat   Preview

30) Unequally Yoked in marriage   Preview

31 Unequally Yoked in Worship   Preview

32) The Forgiven Woman   Preview

33) The New Earth   Preview

34) The Sin of Silence   Preview

35) Freedom   Preview

36) Jerry's Last Chance   Preview

37) Why Some are not Healed   Preview

38) Seven Pillars   Preview

39) Life More Abundantly   Preview

40) Fear   Preview

58) Is Jesus God?   Preview

59) Christ or Christianity   Preview

66) Baptism   Preview

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For an additional list of gospel tracts, please vist   Pastor John's House. There you will find a variety of material, testimonies, music and much more.

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