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Send for our FREE tract packet which includes ten of our most popular pentecostal tract titles as offered on Pastor Johns House. These tracts have changed lives!

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"Speaking in Tongues at Spirit Baptism", by John Clark, Sr. explains why speaking in tongues is essential and is the initial sign of the New Birth experience.

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Songs of Rest
  Visit here for continuous songs of peace and rest.

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The Lord is Good
He has given us a pastor who has truly heard from Jesus! Take some time and get to know Pastor John Clark and our family in Jesus, at Pastor Johns There you will find thoughts-for-the day, "web e-mail" (which are the daily letters among believers via the web), video clips, daily life "goings-on", pastoral advice, and more.

His other website, Going to has a variety of helpful learning resources, books, gospel tracts and work by pastor John. To find out more about us, E-Mail Us today!

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Let us share our favorite Questions and Answers with you as hosted on the Isaiah 58 Broadcast Website!

Examples of the kinds of questions are important topics such as:

100 Questions
For a full list of over 100 important questions and answers, Click Here.


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Visit our Online Resources Store
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